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We would like to draw your attention to the following book. Perhaps some of you are interested in ordering it.

Risikofaktor Vitaminmangel - Vitamin deficiency as risk factor
Autor: Andreas Jopp

The best-selling vitamin book in Germany. A concise account of the latest research and the easiest and most practical way to implement this in your daily life. Vitamins enhance your performance, make you less susceptible to stress, improve the power of your immune system and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


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We would like to draw your attention to the following book. Perhaps some of you are interested in ordering it.

Lebensmittelkennzeichnung in Österreich - Kennzeichnung von Lebensmitteln im Ausland - Food labelling in Austria. Labelling foodstuffs abroad

ISBN: 978-3-95468-499-1
  • Dr. Andreas Natterer
  • Dr. Danja Domeier
  • Iliyana Sirakova
Details: Einband fest, A5, 220 Seiten, 1. Auflage 2017                                                    

The book provides an insight into the Austrian complaints process regarding the labelling of foods via the LMIV. It illustrates the procedures of inspections, the type of procedures and possible legal consequences of breaches of labelling regulations. In addition, there is also a focus on the special labelling requirements of selected groups of foodstuffs such as bread and baked goods, meat and meat products, cocoa and chocolate products and milk and cheese products.



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We would like to draw your attention to the following book. Perhaps some of you are interested in ordering it.

Beate Berg & Prof. Dr. Jan I. Lelley
Kompendium der Mykotherapie - Compendium of mycotherapy
Produced by Multinova-Heilpilze  
Order no.:  GM10960
approx. 176 Seiten

The compendium of mycotherapy is the first of its kind in the German-language trade literature. 
It was compiled on the basis of recognised scientific information and years of practical experience.
In addition to information about the key medicinal fungi, their cultivation and effect, it also includes suggested therapies for more than 100 clinical pictures and interesting case studies from day-to-day practice.



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We would like to draw your attention to the following book. Perhaps some of you are interested in ordering it.

Prof. Gerd Bosbach:
Die Zahlentrickser - The figure manipulators
Aussterbende Deutsche und andere Statistiklügen!
2017. 272 Seiten, 21 cm, kartoniert
19,99 € vom 11.07.2017
Handbuch Gesundheitsmarkt in Deutschland - Manual of the German healthcare market

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The healthcare market is in a state of transition.
More and more doctors, medical service centres, hospitals, non-medical healthcare providers from the secondary healthcare market and medical equipment companies, as well as organisational platforms such as municipalities, healthcare regions and chambers of industry and commerce are working together in collaborations and networks.
This pilot study uses initial working hypotheses to investigate for the first time whether and how these networks are controlled, attempting to clarify issues such as:
Are there defined parameters for success that are checked regularly?
How important is controlling for the actors?
Can the controlling approach otherwise used in business simply be adapted? Or: 
How do healthcare networks and co-operations working with success parameters differ from those that do not?
This study provides specific approaches to the investigation of the healthcare network, the further development of networks and also for the establishment of an initial controlling system. 
It is available in bound form (ISBN: 978-3-7448-3622-7) for € 69.99and as eBook (ISBN: 978-3-7448-0601-5) for the introductory price of € 42.99.
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Perhaps some of you are interested in ordering it.

Controlling in Gesundheitsnetzen - Controlling in healthcare
Ergebnisse einer Umfrage zur Anwendbarkeit von betriebswirtschaftlichen Erfolgskennzahlen und Schritte zu deren Umsetzung - The findings of a survey on the applicability of economic key data and steps to their realisation.

Tristan E.W. Dostal, Adrian W.T. Dostal
Paperback, 92 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-3-7448-3622-7
Publisher: Books on Demand
Date of publication:  07.06.2017
Language: german
69,99 €


Beate Berg/Prof. Dr. Jan I. Lelley
Kompendium der Mykotherapie - Compendium of mycotherapy
Einsatz von Vitalpilzen in Prävention und Therapie - The use of vital fungi in prevention and therapy

216 Seiten + 16 Seiten Bildteil
19,90 € / 24,- SFr / 20,50 € (A)
NaturaViva Verlag
Bestellung ausschließlich über die GAMU GmbH


Codex Alimentarius
Ausländisches Lebensmittelrecht - Foreign food law
LBW, 5 Ordner
€ 266,97
ISBN 978-3-86022-156-3


Handbuch Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe - Manual of food additives
Hrsg. Peter Kuhnert u.a.
LBW, 5 Ordner
299,07 €
ISBN 978-3-925673-89-4


Dr. med. Bodo Kuklinski
Gesünder mit Mikronährstoffen - Healthier with micro-nutrients
4. Auflage 2013
17,95 €
ISBN 978-3-89901-386-3


Lebensmittelkennzeichnung - Foodstuff labelling
Practice manual
Hrsg. Dr. Danja Domeier u.a.
LBW, 2 Ordner
299,07 €
ISBN 978-3-86022-930-9


Axel Meyer
Adams Apfel und Evas Erbe - - Adam’s apple and Eve’s legacy
Wie die Gene unser Leben bestimmen und warum Frauen anders sind als Männer - How genes determine our lives and why women are different to men.
2015, 409 Seiten, 19,99 €
Verlag C. Bertelsmann
ISBN-13: 9783570102046
ISBN-10: 3570102041


Dr. Josef Pies
Vitamin K2: Vielseitiger Schutz vor chronischen Krankheiten - Vitamin K2: versatile protection against chronic
1st edition 2012
Paperback, 126 pages
Vak-Verlag Language: german
ISBN-10: 3867311021
ISBN-13: 978-3867311021

Lebensmittel-Lexikon - Lexicon of foodstuffs
Mehr Info


Praxishandbuch Functional Food - The practical manual of functional food
Hrsg. Prof. Dr. Helmut Erbersdobler und Prof. Dr. Alfred-Hagen Meyer
LBW, 4 files
299,07 €
ISBN 978-3-86022-555-4


J. Reichrath/B. Lehmann/ J.Spitz (Hrsg.)
Vitamin D - Update 2012
Von der Rachitisprophylaxe zur allgemeinen Gesundheitsvorsorge - From preventing rickets to general preventive healthcare
28,50 €
ISBN 978-3871854132


Die Zusammensetzung der Lebensmittel - The composition of foodstuffs
Nährwert-Tabellen - Nutrition tables
2008, € 158.00
The tables in English (with German and French translation) are tailored to the requirements of dieticians and nutritional consultants. However, they also offer fast and comprehensive information on the composition of foodstuffs for all those with an interest in the production, marketing and monitoring of foodstuffs or other nutritional issues.


Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz 
Vitamin D
Das Sonnenhormon für unsere Gesundheit und der Schlüssel zur Prävention - The sun hormone for our health and the key to prevention
2nd, extended edition 2009,
€ 19.50 €
ISBN 978-3000-277405


Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz
Ohne Sonne kein Leben - No life without sun
Die Bedeutung des Sonnenlichts und des "Sonnenhormons" Vitamin D für unsere Gesundheit - The significance of sunlight and the ”sun hormone“ vitamin D for our health


Ben Goldacre 
Die Pharma-Lüge - The pharma lie
Wie Arzneimittelkonzerne Ärzte irreführen und Patienten schädigen - How pharmaceutical companies mislead doctors and harm patients
2013, 448 pages, € 19.99
ISBN 978-3-462-04577-2
E-Book for € 17.99
ISBN 978-3-462-30733-7


Callum Roberts
Der Mensch und das Meer - Man and the sea
Warum der größte Lebensraum der Erde in Gefahr ist - Why the largest habitat on earth is at risk
2013, 588 pages, € 24.99
ISBN 978-3-421-04496-9
E-Book for € 19.99
ISBN 978-3-641-10006-3


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