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Food Crash - We will eat organically or not anymore

Dear members,
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Almost seven billion people need to be fed, and there are more and more people.
This can only succeed if food is produced industrially - with pesticides, artificial fertilizers, genetic engineering! "
Are the conditions really like that?
Or is hunger in the world not the basis for a flourishing business in the international agricultural industry?
Felix zu Löwenstein makes it clear that we have to rethink.
Would you like to know more?
Then visit us on September 4th in Favorite parkhotel Mainz.
Be there when Felix zu Löwenstein, an internationally renowned specialist in organic farming, shares exciting and lively examples that show how it is possible, in harmony with nature - and thus sustainable - to secure the nutritional basis of humankind and reduce hunger fight. Learn what consumers and policymakers need to do to conserve resources, respect the laws of ecology, and promote our diets with high-quality organic foods.

NEM - Seminar 2019, Mainz
Food Law ● Health Food ● Future Visions
When: 04.09.2019
10:00 am to 18:00 pm
Where: Favorite Parkhotel, Mainz

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We look forward to you!