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Book recommendation: FOOD CRASH: We will feed ourselves ecologically or not at all

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Title: "FOOD CRASH: We will eat organically or not anymore"

"Bio? As a luxury for the rich, that's nice. But now it gets serious. Nearly seven billion people need to be fed, and there are more and more. Now industrial production is needed: with pesticides, artificial fertilizers, genetic engineering! "This thesis sounds like common sense! But is she really true? Or are we blighting the agribusiness for which hunger in the world is the foundation for a flourishing business with pesticides, fertilizers, and GM seeds? In his book FOOD Crash, the internationally renowned specialist in organic farming, Felix zu Löwenstein, makes it clear that industrial agriculture based on over-exploitation of resources is not a solution but a dead end. And that not the lack of production, but the wasteful handling of food, the destruction of our natural resources and lack of justice lead to the collapse of the global food system. With his pointed thesis "We will feed ourselves either ecologically or not at all anymore", Löwenstein does not operate an apocalyptic black painting. Rather, he shows in exciting and lively narrated examples, how it can succeed in harmony with nature - and thus sustainable - to secure the nutritional basis of humanity. And he describes the levers of political and private action that must be set in motion.

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Pattloch (September 12, 2011)
Author: Dr. Frelix to Lowenstein
Published 12.September 2011
ISBN-10: 9783629023001
ISBN-13: 978-3629023001
ASIN: 3629023002