NEM-Control ®

NEM Association sets new quality standards for consumers through self-regulation

The aim is to bring a (dietary supplement) product on the market whose composition and presentation checked in terms of content and thus exceeds the legal requirement, as a self-control.

Trading in products from unauthorized online shops and merchants is often an underestimated problem in this regard. Therefore, the NEM Association has initiated a quality brand called "NEM-Control", which is only available to officially authorized members to label their products. This is to stop dubious platforms and dubious suppliers of dietary supplements. And consumers are assured that they are a reputable manufacturer / distributor that sells quality and safe products on a contractual basis. 

Quality brand NEM Control®

Submission of prepared and complete product documentation will be followed by a final examination by the NEM expert panel. Applications can only be submitted by members of the NEM-Verband.

nem control

The following products have already been tested and certified:

  ab 28.10.2009 Augen-Vital Mäurer GmbH
  ab 06.11.2009 OrthoSan GmbH
  ab 08.01.2010

C.L. Enterprise GmbH

  ab 16.11.2011

Q-Vision International GmbH

  ab 06.03.2018 miniBio GmbH
  ab 21.11.2018 Cibdol Netherlands B. V
  ab 09.05.2019 Gonadosan Distribution GmbH
  ab 13.08.2019 Peptiline GmbH
  ab 02.08.2019 Fasana International
  ab 13.08.2019 PlantaVis
  ab 16.10.2019 MantraPharm OHG
  ab 07.02.2020 ImM Institut für mitochondriale Medizin



As of 06.03.2019, we have new regulations that make certification cheaper and therefore more attractive. Inform yourself.

Regulations for issuing the NEM e.V. mark NEM Control "approved dietary supplement" in the context of NEM self-control "