Together with our members we shape the future!

Our goal is to create a new entrepreneurial culture, which clearly states which preconditions are necessary for legally compliant work and consumer-friendly for the truly responsible citizen. It can not be that there is an EU directive, different regulations are issued in member countries, these are only half-completed and leave many questions unanswered - and still create advantages and disadvantages within the EU.

To the detriment of our economy in Germany and also to the detriment of the European community. Equal rights for all! This is constitutionally regulated and adhered to in Germany and required for the whole EU!

We expect clear professional and legal skills of the authorities and uniform assessments and controls of the authorities in the interests of equality. Everyone knows: in the respective federal states one has serious differences in the perception of traffic. This requires a radical reduction of overregulation. Consciously, we will only protect the interests of small and medium-sized companies, in the sense of a healthy, innovative economy.


Your NEM e. V.