Advisory Board

Those who are active in such complex subject areas as questions of food law and cosmetics law need independent scientific expertise. The Scientific Advisory Board of the NEM Association currently consists of appointed representatives of the natural sciences and law.

The Advisory Board has advisory function, but still has a weighty voice. Because this committee has the task of bringing the latest findings of the respective subject areas closer to the NEM Association.

All members of the Scientific Advisory Board are volunteers.

The task of the Scientific Advisory Board is to provide the NEM Association with the latest findings from the respective subject areas. He thus has a central importance for the entire work of the NEM Association.


The advisory board of NEM e. V. introduces itself:


Prof. Peter Abels
Chaiman of the European Federation for Naturopathy e. V. -EFN

Medical Director of the Steinbeis- Transfer-Instituts for
Health Prevention, Therapy and Complentary Medicine
of the Steibeis-Hochschule Berlin -SHB

Subject area: nutritional science


Dr. jur. Thomas Büttner
Lawyer, LL. M.

Subject area:
Food law
Cosmetic law

dr. bettina c. elles

Dr. Bettina C. Elles
Lawer, LL. M.

Financial - and tax


Prof. Dr. med. Enno Freye
Doctor; Spezcalties Special pain therapy, nutraceuticals,, 
micronutrients, civilization diseases, renaturation

subject area:
butrtional science

 Dr Uwe Greulach

Dr. Uwe Greulach

subject area:
food chemistry,
quality - management


Prof. Dr. Dr. Fred Harms, MD PhD
Head of the Institute for Health Communication and Health Services Research, Sigmund Freud University Vienna

Vize-Präsident European Foundation for Health, Switzerland

subject area:
Health communiaciton and care management (focus on diabetes, cardiovascular, depression) foto bea

Dr. Liudmila Kalitukha
Biologist; research, develpment & quality mananger
Specialties: applied mycology, nutritional supplements, cosmetic, clinical research

subject area:
biology (plant physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology)

 dr. gottfried lange 160

Dr. Gottfried Lange 
spezialialty cell nutrtion

subject area:
nutrtional science

 J. Lelley

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jan I. Lelley
specialty: applied mycology

subject area:
nutrtional science


Dr. Peter Mewes
pharmacist; specialty nutrional supplement

subject area:
nutritional science

 Dr. Probst

Dr. med. habil Dr. rer. nat. Karl J. Probst
doctor of natural and alternative medicine, scientist,
Founder of the raw food movement in Germany, scientific advisor

subject area:
nutrtional science

 pulz 160

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Otto Pulz
specialty microalgea

subject area:
nutrional science

sven scheffler bea

Sven Scheffler
Dipl.-Ing. Food Technology (FH)

subject area:
nutrition science, qm, business organization


Torsten Schink
lawer, sepcialist lawer for employment law, diploma in public administration / FH

subject area:
labor law

wuttke b

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Wuttke
specialtyt endocrinology

subject area:
nutritional science


Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Spitz
spezialty prevention medicine

subject area: nutrtion science

Dr Ingwersen

Dr. med. Frank Ingwersen
specialist in psychiatriy and psychotherapy
Dr. Ingwersen GmbH

subject area:
appraisals for courts, personnel consulting
Health advice, distribution of vital substances

 Pleuse 1

Dr. med. Sebastian Pleuse
Dr. med. Pleuse GmbH

nufan-film Pleuse/Vogt GbR

subject area:
science communication

 Dr. Martens

Dd. rer. med Alexander Martens

Spezialty dietry supplements

subect area: sports science

Reuss 001

Friedrich Reuss
diplom chemist and assessor d. L.
publiicly appointed and sworn expert

subject area:
nutrtional science


Markus Schneppenheim
doctor, orthopedist

subject area:
naturophatic, chiroractic (manual medicine),
nutritional medicine, sports medicine, anti-aging-Medicine,
aesthic medicine and preventive medicine


Prof. Dr. habil Brigitte König
Magdeburg Molecular Detections GmbH & Co. KG
Occupation at the University Hosoital Leiozig, Otto - Von -Guericke University Magdeburg

subject area:
medical microbiology,infection epidemiology, infectious immunology
interdisciplinary sciences, Molecular biology,
research & development

 Dr.Wenzel Bild

Dr, med. Klaus-Georg Wenzel
specialist in neurology and psychiatry

subject area:
nutritional science

Dr. Blanke

Dr. med. Markus Blanke
manging partner BBMG GmbH and MAAX Life GmbH

subject area:
nutrtion science, medical illustrator, design and animation in 2D and §D,

 dr. loeffler

Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Bernd-Michael Löffler
Institut of Mitochondrial Medicine

subject area:
lipid biochemistry, protein biochemistry, enzymology, cell biochemistry, receptor biochemistry,
immunology, development and further development of analytical biochemical methods and devices
recently: Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 - metabolism, mitochondrial-energy metabolism, CFS, MCS, FM


Sonja Ruster
Online Marketing Managerin (IHK)

subject area:
web design, online marketing, SEO, social media


Philipp Gebhardt
Dipl.-Ing. Chemistry (FH), food and pharmaveutical analyses

subject area:
M. Sc. elektrical engineering,, automation technology
M. Sc. food technology (Food Processing) 


Contact addresses are available on request.