Annual membership fees for full members:

Annual membership fee:
700,00 €

Annual fee for membership as an entrepreneur:
Proof in the form of a copy of the trade registration must be provided by the member:
350,00 € für die ersten beiden Jahre

Annual fee for membership as a small business owner:
The corresponding proof according to sales tax law is to be provided by the member .:
120,00 €

A separate entrance fee will not be charged.

If a full member is not a full year (12 months) member in the current year, the individual months of membership will be charged.

For the current year, at the beginning of the year, the annual fee will be deducted or billed by bank debit. The possibility of quarterly or semi-annual payment exists.

We look forward to your application for a proper memership.

Annual membership fees for passive members (students):

As a student of nutritional sciences, food chemistry, food engineering, medicine, law (food law, administrative law), economics or politics, you have the option of passive membership in NEM e.V

The association hopes that it will be an effective collaboration or co-operation within the scope of study projects, which also serve the dissemination, opinion forming of the NEM e.V. topics etc.

Annual fee for a passive membership:12,00 €

We look forward to your application for a passive memebership.