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Food and Patent Law Seminar 2018


Dear members,
Dear Sirs and Madames,

Food law is characterized by constant changes, be it with the legal bases, be it in the case law. Dr. jur. Thomas Büttner LL. M., lawyer for food law, keeps you up to date on nutritional supplements, special foods, balanced diets or functional foods (medical devices)

Industrial property rights such as patents give the owner a monopoly right, which allows them to exploit the patented object exclusively. The IP right holder has a number of claims against alleged infringers, such as Injunctive relief, information and damage claims. Intellectual property rights are thus an important means of competition. Learn from Dr. Christian Keller, Patent Attorney, which possibilities it for example for the registration of a food supplement or an active ingredient for a patent, there.

Since 1992, the EU has regulated how organic products are produced, processed and labeled, and how these products are monitored. The regulations are constantly being developed. Mr. Michael Pickel, Head of QC & I, Quality Control System Certification GmbH, clarifies the legal framework of the EC Implementing Regulation and Organic Farming Act, labeling and control of food supplements and what will change in 2021 by the new EC ECO Regulation.

In global trade, the import and export of goods is becoming increasingly important. Mrs Andrea Wedig, IHK Koblenz, will give you a well-founded overview of the foundations and procedure of the export procedure from the EU.

The NEM FOOD AND PATENTRECHT seminar focuses on the following topics:

- Advertising

- Novel food regulation

- Intellectual Property Rights

- EC Eco-Regulation and Organic Farming Act

- Basics and procedure of the export procedure from the EU

Further information on the NEM FOOD AND PATENTRECHT seminar on 06/11/2018 can be found in the enclosed seminar flyer. Click here for the