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"Following the recent assessment by the European Food Safety Authority, consumers should be confident that if they comply with the recommended intake of the products, a health risk is excluded".

Again and again messages appear in various media warning in connection with quite adventurous stories against the consumption of dietary supplements. It is often shown that "overdosage of vitamins and minerals can lead to serious illnesses, if not death." However, it is not mentioned that such "presumed overdoses" are quantities that no human can or will inadvertently or accidentally consume.

factual, professional, legal - WRONG !!
Article of the Stern.de from 09.03.2017
Alles Unsinn - bis auf drei Vitamine und Mineralstoffe

We responded!
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Open letter to ZDF-WISO editorial staff from 12.09.2016
Consumer disappointment by ZDF contribution WISO consumption agents on dietary supplements

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Opinion 03/2012
"The vitamin lie"
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24. Januar 2012

Statement of the NEM Association
toSpiegel article "Vitamin €", Der Spiegel 03/2012
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01. Juni 2010 
“ÖKO-TEST reports incorrectly about dietary supplements"
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23. April 2010
Ökotest reports incorrectly about dietary supplements"
by Dr. jur. Thomas Büttner, LL.M., Food dvisory Board of NEM e. V., and
Manfred Scheffler, President of the NEM e. V.

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23. April 2010
Cease and desist letter to Kerner-broadcast on dietary supplements from 21.01.2010
von Manfred Scheffler, Präsident des NEM e. V.
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Open letter to the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia from 18.01.2010:
"Disagreement over dietary supplements (NEM)"

Open letter from 18.01.2010 
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15. Juni 2009
The right to supplementation and to neutral information
NEM e.V. puts authority in its place  
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 25. Juli 2007
"Opinion: glucosamine in nutritional supplements"
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