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16 März 2015

Manfred Scheffler, President of  NEM e.V., on the petition: "Freedom for healthy food! Europe restricts the consumption of food." The petition can be found  here 


16 April 2014
Video statement by Manfred Scheffler, President of NEM e. V. Food supplements are the safest food there is and European and German regulations and directives ensure this by law,  with this monitored by the authorities, and science proves that modern humans need micronutrients, making it a political duty! 


07 Februar 2012

Video statement by Manfred Scheffler, President of NEM e. V.,


Manfred Scheffler, 07 February 2012:

The right to freedom of expression is a fundamental civic right, enshrined in the German constitution and in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights - if this elementary right falls, then our democracy is also at an end. The European health authority claims to approve health claims for, among others, NEM -also dietary supplements. Food supplements are nothing more than nutritionally valuable food concentrates. This is allowed to be said, everything else is prohibited, although scientifically proven !!!!

The measure, which has been scientifically proven, is set arbitrarily by the Italy-based EU authority EFSA, which sets standards for foods that are not even required for all groups of medicines, namely clinical double-blind studies. Suppressing consumer information significantly reduces health and promotes illness. We citizens want freedom of information. The fundamental rights charter art. 6 II chapter, article 11 clearly states this in law - like our German constitution - no one should be able to shake this.

Shame on those who see no harm in this. In the other respect, the right to equality is also assumed - since the company has clearly given priority to the eligibility of EFSA clinical double-blind studies - no medium-sized enterprise can afford that - this seems to have been deliberately controlled. Why do you not look into who is represented at EFSA. Incredible ! Dear citizens, they are right,  make a political protest. No matter whether it is to German Bundestag members or European parliamentarians - everyone is required. You can read further details on the website The above is the personal opinion of Manfred Scheffler, but you can also rest assured that most citizens of Germany and the EU agree.

As political bodies are often not informed in detail or on the consequences of the regulations, it is a duty of the citizenship to inform our politicians and to request immediate change. But there should also be an ethical-moral shift amongst science, therapists, and media towards prevention- more soon.


26 January 2012

Video statement by Manfred Scheffler, President of NEM e. V.,
to the Spiegel article "Vitamin E":


25 September 2011
Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Spitz on "Risks and opportunities of our lifestyle"