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How long do viruses theoretically live on different surfaces?

The data always refer to an infection of 50% of the cells tested.

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Here you will find further information on hygiene equipment (respiratory masks, gloves, etc.)

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Cosmetica represent an important addition to the product range in the health sector.

The experience that the NEM Verband has gained with regard to legislative measures, restrictions and restrictions as well as official arbitrariness led to the idea to create a powerful counterpoint for the medium - sized cosmetics manufacturers as well.

We also want to effectively counteract the trend for cosmetic manufacturers to see that ever stricter, nonsensical regulations only leave room for the lobbying industry and make it easier for medium - sized businesses to breathe.

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The board and advisory board of NEM e.V., which consists of entrepreneurs, lawyers, experts, some of whom have decades of practical experience, works closely with the members to ensure effective and efficient advocacy in all areas of society.

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