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NEM e. V. represents the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as companies in the fields of nutritional supplements, dietetic foods, supplementary-balanced diets, medical devices and functional foods.

The association was founded on September 15, 2006, some of the services it provides for its members

  • The creation of legal certainty in the field of nutritional supplement law within the EU
  • Conducting public relations by informing and educating consumers about the effects of dietary supplements
  • Representing the interests of companies in all political and economic areas
  • Assistance to the members through professional and legal advice, in particular the representation of the members to authorities and courts




The board and advisory board of NEM e.V., which consists of entrepreneurs, lawyers, experts and nutritionists, some of whom have decades of practical experience, works closely with the members to ensure effective and efficient advocacy in all areas of society.

The ignorance of the whole area of the dietary supplement industry, which is evident in parts of the public and the administration, requires an urgent correction and we cordially invite you to join us actively in pursuing this goal!

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NEM e.V.
Abteilung Cosmetic
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NEM -- Course 2019, Mainz
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Where: Favorite Parkhotel, Mainz

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